vrijdag 18 januari 2013

the bell jar

I'm back! With new work, in VT Wonen: love, live and shop, a co-production with Maaike Koorman.

Normally Maaike does these productions on her own, but she asked me whether I wanted to do one series with her. Of course! I did the styling, together we did the conceptual design, and Maaike made the background.

Here's what I did
I used two different sized bell jars that I bought at &Klevering, I painted the base white with a wet brush so the effect is a still bit rough/relaxed.

For the first image I used a vase and a necklace that I borrowed from Annliz, a shell that I found on the beach in Brittany, a wooden heart (bought at Nunc), painted white, and a heart that I cut from cork, also painted white. Next to the jar is a letter that my mother wrote to me when I first moved to Amsterdam.
For the second image I created some sort of cliff, of a cardboard box and little books that I found in an antiques shop, on top of which is perched a little wooden house (which is actually a pencil sharpner) and a wooden sheep and goose, bought at a old fashioned toy shop. Next to it wooden dominoes that I found in a thrift shop.

For the last image I made a little bag from pearl colored fake leather. This I balanced on little packages, gifts and surprises wrapped in paper. Next to it a hatpin, that I borrowed from a beautiful shop in Gieterveen, Voegertijd, that we also were taking pictures of for another magazine. In the back an old piece of crystal and a thimble, which I also found in a thrift shop.

I'm very happy with the result, and also very happy to be back!
I will show some more new work that I did in 2012, mostly together with Maaike.

Photography: Agnes Barten/Studio 5982

(I had an injury on my right arm,  which makes blogging a bit difficult).

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