woensdag 16 juni 2010

sleek, fragile and sexy designs

And while we're at it (or at least, I am), I also love the tender, fragile ceramic designs by Laura Pregger  (images below)...
and  the sleek lined, kind of sexy designs by Nika Zupanc. I saw some of her designs a few years ago at Satellite in Milan, the 'corner' for young designers at the big furniture fair Salone del Mobile. Glad to see she's doing so well.


No need for a lot of words with a beautiful collection that Jochem de Wit made for his garduation project. It is called Raw Table Ware, quite appropriately. The cups and jugs are made of brick, the bowl of enamelled concrete, de glasses of raw glas and the spoons of beech veneer. For sale at The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam.

maandag 14 juni 2010

Amsterdam: Made by hand

The ever inspiring Pia Jane Bijkerk has made a new book: Amsterdam: made by hand. A book about all the shops, studios and workspaces of beautifull objects made by hand. Or shops that sell all the products you need to make those objects yourself.

Pia a stylist that works for several magazines from all over the world, and I love her warm, feminine and authentic styling. She also has a
blog that I frequently visit (or rather: whenever I think of it) for inspiration, or just a good feeling.

Good luck with your new book!