donderdag 23 september 2010

an office away from the office

Working from the home can be nice (for instance, if your own coffee and sandwiches taste best), but also a bit lonely and not so time effective if you are as easily distracted as I am. I was always thinking of maybe setting up a place where all free lancers can meet and work, with nice coffee and food. The Cool Hunter, the website for the cool, collected and amazing projects, showed a place that has set the perfect example:  Urban Station in Buenos Aires. A big office space, beautifully decorated, where you can work for a day, plan meetings or meet with fellow free lancers if you're doing a project together.  Now it only has to open an office in Amsterdam. Or maybe I should move to Buenos Aires...

woensdag 22 september 2010

that English feel

Although some of these images mightn't even be taken in Great Britain, photographer Debi Treloar has put the typical English feel in it that I love so much. A touch of romance, nobility and old, sometimes faded, glory. I've had the pleasure to meet her a few weeks ago, and she is very kind and gentle, and very very focused. Inspiring!

Sweet Paul...

... thank you for softening the blow from the fact that is autumn again! I don't care, as long as I get to make this lovely food, or a funky pumpkin and these beautiful decorations for Haloween, or just get to look at the beautiful images and styling. I read first about Sweet Paul, a fantastic online magazine on Bloesem, a blog that I follow with great pleasure. Thanks for the tip!

dinsdag 21 september 2010

Maison & Objet for children

At the fair Maison & Objet I also found some wonderful companies to realise the decorating plan that I made for a childrens' room for a 2,5 year old boy. As you can see on my mood board, I chose lot of different shades of blue, with a little bit of black for a cheecky touch. At Mimi Lou I found the best wall stickers, like a collection of cool old timers or moon walkers, Donna Wilson had beautiful blankets and pillows for a softer and dreamy feel, and at Fred the Dog I saw funny duvet covers and was bags, with dinosaurs, robots or cranes.