dinsdag 4 mei 2010


It is nice to see how things come together. I still remember the first time that I discovered products by Aveda. More than twenty years ago, when I bought a jar of bath salt in a little shop in Antwerp. The scent was heavenly and I wanted more! Unfortunately it took a while before Aveda was sold in the Netherlands. And, a whole different story (hang in there): few years ago I thought: why can't you buy empty bottles that you can refill with water, instead of buying those plastic bottles that you throw away when you've finished the water? Now you can buy beautiful re-usable bottles at Aveda, and the money goes to Join the Pipe that wants to build the longest pipeline in the world, so clean water will be available for everybody. And, to make the story complete, my friend Nathalie has taken over an Aveda lifestyle salon Loft in Bussum with two friends.  Now I can visit her, buy a beautiful bottle AND buy my favourite products in one go. Congratulations and good luck!

maandag 3 mei 2010


A few weeks ago I mentioned the website I was working on: kleurinspiratie.nl. My work is online now on this website. You can find six colour forecasts for the coming season for inspiration for you own house, plus a tool with which you can test these colours on an image of a room in your house. It is in Dutch, but if you don't speak the language, you can still look at the images. I made the colour forecasts with Maaike Koorman, plus I wrote the texts.

mood boards

When I'm working on a design for a house, or a cook book, or an interior production, I like to work with mood boards. They they give me inspiration before I start working, they really make me happy and excited about my work when I'm making them, they make sure I stick to the idea that I first have (which most of the times is the best idea) and they give other people a general idea of the direction your working in. Plus they look nice. At home I just stick them to the walls in the spaces that I happen to be working in at that time.
The images are taken by Paul Barbera

styling production for VT Wonen

While I was cleaning up my computer, I found some images of a production I did last year for VT Wonen, a Dutch interior magazine. I did the styling with Maaike Koorman, I designed the ideas for the bird cage, the mirror inside a picture frame, the clothes hanger made of a piece of leftover fabric and lace. Tjitske van Leeuwen (www.tjitske.com) was the photographer. The production was called Intstant Styling, to show everybody that a nice atmosphere can be created in a short time.