woensdag 16 maart 2011

and everywhere!

I’m also really proud to tell you that our house will be featured in Holly Beckers first interior book. Holly Becker is talented founder and editor of the blog Decor8, a inspiring blog on interior decorating, that is read by at least 35000 readers, a day (!). It will be published by Jacqui Small in London and Chronicle Books in the US, and will be officially launched April 13, at Liberty in London. I’ve received some spreads of the book. Our kitchen is shown on the little image. I don’t know how much of our house will be shown in the book. But the images Debi Treloar took of it, as you can see, are really beautiful. I was very much honored to be asked, and really enjoyed seeing two talented people like Holly and Debi at work. And if my design is in a book that is described as such: 'Clever, creative and quirky advice from the world’s best designers and architects; a gorgeous source of essential expert guidance, featuring both quick fixes for small budgets and indulgent ideas for more ambitious projects."

I’m really very proud indeed, even if only the kitchen would be featured.

my house in Sweden

Well. I’m very proud. Our house, that I designed myself (with some help of SoapAteliers), is on the cover of a Swedisch magazine, Rum (or Nya Rum, can’t figure it out completely)! The images were taken a few years ago by Paul Barbera, and were featured in the Dutch edition of Glamour Magazine. The images have been circling around on the internet quite a lot, and now they’re here in Sweden. Because I’m in Argentina, I can’t go and buy the magazine myself. Luckily I found a Swedisch blog, Finikanten, that showed some of the pages on her site. Thank you, Anaewa!
And wait! There’s more…

what's in your bag?

You know the feeling: with interesting people you pass on the street, you wonder who they are and what their life is like. And try to memorise what they’re wearing, how they behave. Barbara Iweins, an art director, who divides her time between living and working in Amsterdam and Brussels, has taken this habit that some of us have, a nice step further on her blog Au Coin de ma Rue (around the corner of my house).
She takes pictures of those inspiring, surprising and interesting people. That might remind you of the Satorialist, but she does more than just see and report. First she made a lovely memory game of the pictures she took, that was published about a year ago. And now she’s not only taking pictures of the persons, but also of the stuff they tag along with them, and the things they have in their bags, and have them tell a bit about it. Like most of us are dying to do. (I also secretly think it’s an art in itself to find all these wonderful people).