dinsdag 30 maart 2010

Clemens & August

Finally they are visiting Amsterdam, one of my favourite brands: Clemens & August. I love the clean cut clothes, crisp fabrics and special use of colour. The clothes are not for sale in shops, they have a webshop and they tour Europe with one (or two or three) day shops. They will be in Amsterdam from friday 9 to sunday 11. Check for more cities and information on www.clemens-en-august.com. (ps: check out their initials).


This week I'm putting the finishing touches to a project I'm working on with Maaike Koorman. She's also a concept designer, and together we're taking care of colour forecasts for the webiste www.kleurinspiratie.nl. On this website, which is in Dutch only (sorry), we give you six colour forecasts for the coming season, for your house. The new forecasts will be online in two weeks. Here you can see some of the preparations, the end result is still a secret!