woensdag 13 april 2011

be brave

Buenos Aires has a lot of creative people running around, working a lot, and making a whole bunch of beautiful stuff. I love the way they present themselves to the world. Either they open up their own shop, or they join hands and show their wares together. So you can find a lot of unique pieces and unique shops here. Catalogue does more, it not only provides a space for Argentinas best individual designers, it also shows their best pieces in an inspiring fashion magazine. I couldn't find a website, but you can find the shop, where they also sell the magazine, at Honduras, around the corner from Carranza.

for the love of lavender

I'm addicted to the scent of lavender, so I'm unconsciously always drawn into shops that sell lavender soap, lavender bath salts, lavender satchels, dried lavender, what ever from the lavender is presented in. Like Epoca Bella, in the street that I live in now. They sell all sorts of scented things, all in beautifully wrapped and presented. Next to a big bottle of lavender bath salts, I also found some other nice, handmade gifts (that I can't show now, without spoiling the suprise). And some inspiration, like the built in cabinet made from old wood, and a lovely old display made of wood and glass. If I ever open up my own shop, I would like one of those. Plus the old fashioned till.