vrijdag 30 april 2010

Virginie Besançon

One of the things that I'm looking forward to when I go to the south of France this summer, is meeting Virginie Besançon again. I made a cook book with her a few years ago (see below), and she is a lovely, colorfull and inspirational person. Originally she is a costume designer, and she still does some designs for theater groups. And she joined a theatre group and circus to cook for them twice a day, every summer. Only because of all the work an admirable job! And then she still finds the time and energy to make beautiful pictures of her 'everiday life' with the theatre group.

a discovery in my own country

To my big shame I have to admit that only last weekend I discovered that my country has a part that is at least as beautiful as parts of France (Brittany) and England (Cornwall) that I love visiting so much. So now I don't have to travel all the way there anymore. It is called Het Groene Hart, the green heart (quite appropriate) and it is a perfect area to go if you want to have a break from the big, busy city. We took our camper for a little testdrive, because it has got a new motor, and stayed two nights on an eco-friendly campsite that is part of a small farm, in Snelrewaard. We became a member of www.natuurkampeerterreinen.nl so now we can visit all kinds a beautifull, green small campsites in the Netherlands.

food of the season

Now that the weather is getting better and better, I'm reminded of the time I will be spending this summer in the south of France. And that again reminds me of the work I did there a few years ago for the cook book Mijn Keuken van de Zon, which is translated in French, German and Finnish. We even won a price with it! The book shows images by Anna de Leeuw and recipes by Virginie Besançon. She cooks only seasonal food, and it all tastes even better than it looks. The book has only recipes for vegetables and fruits, so perfect for vegetarians and people that want to cut back on eating meat. I did the styling, part of the production and edited all the recipes.

Mijn keuken van de zon
Mijn keuken van de zon
V. Besancon