zaterdag 5 februari 2011

color inspiration from Carlos Paz

Milky white, blue-ish white, grey white, pink-white, green white, yellow white, with a touch of caramel, black, green and pink. The houses and walls in the streets in Carlos Paz are probably not intend to be an inspiration for a color palette. But they give me new ideas for a raw, but still calming color combination anyway.

inspiration from Carlos Paz

Before I report on the wonderful things that I'm seeing in Buenos Aires, where we are now, I want to show you the beauty of Tanti, Carlos Paz and other small towns and villages that we visited near Cordoba, Argentina. Carlos Paz is a strange little town. At first glance not beautiful at all. But if you take a closer look, fascinating. Beautiful houses next to the ugliest buildings you can imagine. Trees and flowers everywhere. Amazingly beautiful rivers and streams, where everybody gathers on a free afternoon or to spend a sunday. And everybody cleans up after they leave. And even the pavements, or a hand painted sign on a car, are a joy for the eye.