vrijdag 18 februari 2011

my big dream...

One of the (many) reasons for this sabbatical-holiday is to find out what exactly I'll be shaping my company in. I'm getting closer and closer to the answer. Being in Buenos Aires helps a lot with getting new ideas for interior design, color schemes, design and living happily in general. But The Selby, one of my favorite websites, helped me along a bit more. I know now that I don't have to move to the country have a green dream come true. Annie Novak, founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm shows the way. A lovely green haven, with a view to a beautiful city, and a wonderful shop to go with it, also one of my big dreams. I want that as well! And I even know who can build the perfect roof top garden for me: De Dakdokters, an Amsterdam-based company that's specialized in green roof top gardens. Getting closer and closer to my (and the rest of my family's) big dream.

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

San Telmo, my new neighborhood

So... we're in Buenos Aires. All the stories I heard about this city are true: alive, vibrant, inspiring. I'm still in the middle of exploring our new neighborhood, San Telmo, where will be living for one months. Because we have two small children, it probably takes a bit longer before we have seen everything. But because we walk in a slow pace, we won't miss a thing! San Telmo is divided in two parts by a big high way. We live in the more quiet part, in an amazing house (more about which later). Actually, we're surrounded by beautiful architecture, old and new. Run down or rebuilt. Near us is a small park, Parcue Lezama, some colorful shops, and two fantastic restaurants. Hierbabuena is good for lunch, with or without children, because they have great salads an the most delicious fresh raspberryjuice I have ever tasted. Nicely decorated with sparkling green tiles. A few doors down is Caseros, a sparsely decorated restaurant, very stylish and chic. We had a beautiful lunch there with family and friends, and we'll go there for dinner tonight. More about that later.