dinsdag 9 maart 2010

yes, design can make you laugh

Sometimes design (with a capital D) can take itself too seriously. The blog unhappyhipsters.com shows how designs like that can only make you laugh. If you ever sigh about the mess in you own home (like I sometimes do), just have a look at their blog. You'll be glad that you spent the day living instead of cleaning.

Ina Matt

In a week or two I'll be starting a new project, a renovation of a house near Amsterdam. The plan is to add a few metres to the house, so the kitchen will be nice and big. The owners also want a restyling of their attic, so their two sons can share a room there. For inspiration I look at magazines and websites, and recently I was directed to a website of two other designers, Ina Matt (www.ina-matt.com). I love their clean way of designing, that brings a lot of light and space to a house.