maandag 4 oktober 2010

to satisfy your eyes

there are always plenty of nice things to look at if the men from Weltevree set up their shop somewhere. Weltevree is a Dutch designcompany, well known from their Dutchtub and their beautiful, sturdy iron heater. It is designed for use outside, but could also work inside if you make sure the surface of your floor is fireproof.

and some more

One room was decorated with all sorts of eco-friendly products and designs, also known as sustainable luxury, brought together by blogger Annouk Post, creator of the blog Hiphonest.

some (late) news from Lloyd Hotel

Because I'm a bit late with my news from the InsideDesign fair, I'll make it short. The rooms of Lloyd Hotel (my favourite office away from my house), were decorated by different brands, designers and artists. In these images you can see the many possibilities of the cabinet units of Montana . Like a bench with space for books and magazines under the seat, and a slim lined kitchen work counter.