dinsdag 13 april 2010

gardens bij XandL

For me, the interior designs by XandL are amongst the best I have seen. They are timeless and at the same time way ahaid of their time. They transform an ordinary house in a beautiful piece of art that is practical at the same time. But what I admire also is that they not only design beautiful interiors but can work their magic on gardens as well, as you can see in the images.
Check their website for more beautiful and inspirational images www.xandl.nl.

zondag 11 april 2010

new shop: Sketch

There's a great new shop in The Hague, in an old cinema at Lange Poten 41. The brothers Oosterom, who already own two interior shops in Rotterdam and The Hague, opened the shop in December last year. This time they bring more than just furniture. They sell everything that they like, and that can be anything. From shoes, chairs and paintings to fashion, great organic food and jewellery. From high end brands like Acne, Stella Nova, Raf Simons, Volta and Missoni Home, but also new, young designers and artists. The collection changes all the time, it is dynamic and conceptual, like a sketch.

spring scene

Spring really is my favourite season of the year. And I especially like all thos beautiful spring blossoms. They cheer up the dulles, glummest days. I bought some branches a few weeks ago, and first I could enjoy the blossoms, and now they are growing little leaves. They combine well with Rosie and Viv's Stek-chairs (www.aboutstek.nl), that I wrote earlier about. The little blackbird's skull is made by Dutch artist Jeroen Kuster (.nl), and makes this little scene a bit edgier.

In the background you can see two beautiful images that are made by Stephen Gill. They are part of a series called Buried. He took pictures in his old neighbourhood Hackney Wick, and buried them on the spot. After a few weeks he dug them up again, to give a beautiful, weathered effect. We bought the images at Foam, the museum of phogography in Amsterdam (www.foam.nl). There's also a book about it, but I'm not sure if it is still for sale.