maandag 16 mei 2011

good bye BA, part 5: La Maison

At the moment, for a few more days, we’re living in a part of Buenos Aires, Palermo Hollywood, that’s famous for its restaurants. You only have to turn a corner, or walk a few steps down the street to have your pick of all the flavours of the world. And lucky us to live quite near La Maison, our favourite restaurant for a cosy night out, with the two of us or with friends. La Maison is run by Fleur, she’s French (or Canadian, I’m not sure), and she and her staff make sure you have a pleasant night.
You can sit outside in the garden, and enjoy the funny drawings on the shutters, or inside where it’s more quiet and formal. Lovely, elegant food like toast with poached egg yolk and truffle, tarte tatin with goat cheese, and gambas au Pastis. Maybe I should go back one more time and make sure that this time I have room for dessert.