woensdag 16 maart 2011

and everywhere!

I’m also really proud to tell you that our house will be featured in Holly Beckers first interior book. Holly Becker is talented founder and editor of the blog Decor8, a inspiring blog on interior decorating, that is read by at least 35000 readers, a day (!). It will be published by Jacqui Small in London and Chronicle Books in the US, and will be officially launched April 13, at Liberty in London. I’ve received some spreads of the book. Our kitchen is shown on the little image. I don’t know how much of our house will be shown in the book. But the images Debi Treloar took of it, as you can see, are really beautiful. I was very much honored to be asked, and really enjoyed seeing two talented people like Holly and Debi at work. And if my design is in a book that is described as such: 'Clever, creative and quirky advice from the world’s best designers and architects; a gorgeous source of essential expert guidance, featuring both quick fixes for small budgets and indulgent ideas for more ambitious projects."

I’m really very proud indeed, even if only the kitchen would be featured.

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  1. Hi lovely Stephanie!
    Your living room is in the book from three different perspectives, the bathroom from one perspective, The hallway, the kitchen from two perspectives I believe and also a closeup of the tile near your kitchen sink, the storage that you designed in your bedroom and the adjacent hallway where you keep your shoes and clothes... Also your workroom that I had arranged a bit while I was there as well. I'm sure you'll love it!!! I think the book was sent to you in Amsterdam already, are you still in Argentina?

  2. Congratulations on being in the book! Your home looks great!