zaterdag 17 september 2011

off the wall

Sometimes people send me comments on and questions about things that I write on my blog. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out yet how to answer those questions directly. So from now on, I will answer them through my blog. Maybe other people will be inspired as well!

One question I was asked was about the tiles in my kitchen. Our kitchen was featured in Nya Rum, images by Paul Barbera (haven't seen it myself yet), and someone wanted to know where to find them. They were bought at a Dutch tile manufacturer, Mosa. These specific tiles were designed by Koh Liang Ie, originally in the sixties. My parents also had them, in the toilets, and only the ones with the four circles. A few years ago they were brought back to life. They are only available in white, unless you order a lot, like a Concrete did when the designed the beautiful interior for restaurant Envy in Amsterdam.

The first 2 images are made by Paul Barbera.

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